Wonderful Guidance,

February 1, 2014 By Rachel Clark

This review is from: Sexual Secrets of Tantric Kabbalah: Making Love (Kindle Edition)

SexualSecrets This is a wonderful book of guidance and insight into a deeper, far more profound realm of joy, connection, and liberation between partners. If you are ready to move beyond sex and into a way to honor the deeper mystery of your bond with your self and your partner, and your connection to divine energy, this book is amust. The act of reading it is like opening a doorway beyond your ego mind/body connection, and into a primal awareness of the sacred meaning and revelations intrinsic to human sexuality. The experience of reading this book--it takes a short sitting or two--can open the reader to something previously unseen, yet deeply known. Human sexuality, as expressed by Stuart Mark Berlin so beautifully here, is a not only a route to revealing the immense storehouse of buried (repressed!) feminine sacred/sexual energy, it *is* that. Human sexuality *is* a highly evolved capacity for profound depths of bonding andjoy. In this book Berlin shows that human sexuality is barely about procreation, it is far more fundamentally an opportunity to experience sacred connection between lovers and their connection to the world beyond them. It is a gentle, revelatory book that may change the way you understand sex and love-making forever. It also serves couples who may have given up on their sex lives, as it offers something so different, yet simple, to them: if you've given to transform the former relationship to one of the divine masculine honoring and serving the divine feminine. A way to restore balance between us, and well beyond us. Read it, and see what happens to you! And thank you for writing this book Dr. Berlin.