Given that, it is a remarkable story of one man's journey through discrimination, abuse, victimization and the recovery of his truest self. He is a hero, just as we all are folk on a a spiritual journey of recovering the true spiritual self.






Circumcised Heart

A strange title.

Circumcision is a word that makes grown men cringe in fear.  Women hearing of the atrocity of clitoridectomies in Muslim-dominated cultures don’t like it very much either.  It is a powerful word.  As a retired pediatrician and mohel (ritual Jewish circumciser) the word holds positive connotations for me.  In the Jewish mystical tradition only a circumcised heart listens to the still-small voice of the Divine presence, the Schechinah.  For those whose hearts have been broken it implies a purpose beyond suffering.  It promises that shattered hearts can heal.  Being broken-hearted is not just a sad state of affairs but necessary.

Our hearts are the sensitive receptors for love. 

The search for love motivates human behavior.  If we don’t find love or find love and lose it we can become cynical and bitter, creating cruelty.  My life turned into a quest to find and understand love.  Love was never absent, just hidden from my conscious mind.  To understand this phenomenon, think of light. We see light over the spectrum from red to violet.  These colors enrich our appreciation of nature and especially of flowers.  Flowers are varied anSexual Secrets of Tantric Kabbalahd exquisite and move us poetically.  They are metaphors and symbols of love.  Yet no human sees flowers completely.  The bee, whose life is intertwined with flowering plants, sees flowers differently.  Bees see ultraviolet light.  Humans cannot conceive of ultraviolet because we have no receptors.  The reason I could not feel the love that surrounded me is because the receptor of my heart was undeveloped.  A circumcised heart awakens me to love.
Telling the story of your life is done from one moment in time -- where you are now.  Carried within you is who you were at different stages in the past.  Some memories are very powerful and have a strong fix on the mind.  Why do we remember?   Why do we forget?  Sometimes forgotten experiences refuse to stay forgotten.  Past smells, tastes, and feelings rush back more real than memory.  Time ceases during the prism of memory re-experienced.