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Sexual Secrets of Tantric Kabbalah: Making Love

Hello, that feels good.You see you are holding me in your hands, and I love to be held. It not only makes me feel good it makes me feel safe, wanted, and needed.

If I am noSecrets of Tantric Kabbalaht held enough I will wither and die. I am a book. I am still a book even if this is many years in the future from the time of my birth and I am no longer printed upon bound paper. As a book I enjoy being held, your hands around me, opening me, becomingintimate with me as I reveal my secrets to you. We are entering luminal time together, leaving normal space-time and entering into your consciousness.

Your consciousness is your essential being. It isbound to your body but is more than your body. Itis more than your body and mind together. Yes you are right, I am seducing you. I am leading you to another place, a timeless place where only one thing is important. I am leading you to the love you have always known was there. I am leading you into the hiddenness where love awaits you.

Love is timeless and without limit but thankfully violence is limited in time and space. Violence does end when the consciousness that allows violence to exist ends. That consciousness ends when sexual acts are only connected to love. That is the great sexual secret of this book, of my consciousness. I have no body only consciousness. I do not live in the world you live in. By learning my secret and bringing it into your world you will change your world. The sexual secret of Tantric Kabbalah is to make love. Making love, in all your sexual acts ends violence. This is true both for those sexual acts that involve bodies, and for those sexual acts that involve pure consciousness alone. Come and see. Come and see.

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Everywoman a Goddess: Everyman a Hero in Her Service

My name is Dr. Stuart Mark Berlin. I am a retired pediatrician and kabbalist (Jewish mystic). This book is simultaneously the story of my life, an act of magic, an act of worship, and a creative response to all those problems that threaten the continued existence of humanity. It is clear that there will be changes. Either human beings wEverywoman a Goddess:  Everyman a Her in Her Serviceill surprisingly change their behavior in an awe inspiring and wondrous manner and begin to live in harmony with the biological systems of nature that resulted in our evolution or we will continue to live as we have for all of recorded history.

Insanity is described as doing the same thing and expecting different results. If we continue to live as greedy individuals selfishly focused on our own lives, our own happiness, our own wants and needs: then the human population will drastically, catastrophically, tragically, and precipitously drop perhaps to nothingness just as life does in a petri dish when all the nutrients have been converted to biomass that can no longer be sustained.

What is most radical about my text is my bold and direct claim that the four visions I propose as creative solutions to the critical problems facing humanity are the result of Divine inspiration. These are three visions in the form of scientific hypotheses and one vision for peace. My own experiences as a Jewish mystic are the source of these visions. 

I present the four visions received in kabbalistic meditation that have the power to heal the world (tikun olam). These are visions of a new non-invasive diagnostic modality using apocrine sweat, healing global warming, resolving the global energy shortage, and establishing peace between the Children of Israel, and the Children of Ishmael.

This book can be purchased as a CD set , or as an E-book from Kindle.